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The Consumer sector is an established and competitive industry focused on Service and FMCG where Executive Search is pivotal in the drive for talent.

In a recent study of the top ten issues for CEO’s completed by Business Week, companies have had to adopt a revised recruitment strategy for C-level executives as employers in the sector are competing for talent when there is a shortage of candidates:

“There’s been a shift in mindset and companies are placing a higher importance on finding business leaders whose visions and values are in line with the company’s, as opposed to finding employees with a laundry list of accolades.

With a 50% chance of new C-Level executives leaving after 12 months, it’s now more important to get the executive search process right as the market is changing with more competition for the right c-level appointment.”

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On-boarding – Research indicates that 50% of all new hires at executive level succeed within the first 18 months. Given the high cost of executive derailment more organisations recognise the need for a well thought out and structured induction. An onboarding coach can be instrumental in helping new executives to prepare a robust plan for transitioning successfully, establishing credibility and delivering those crucial early wins. Successful onboarding results in accelerating the executive’s assimilation into the company and reduces the time it takes for them to contribute at the expected performance level. It has also been shown to increase engagement and retention of key talent.

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“We’ve used BarrettClark to find our last three C-Level execs and we’ll continue to use them as they are outstanding value.”

CEO Youngs

Queens Club

“We found BarrettClark understood us better and the quality of candidate was much higher leading to a successful appointment.”

Chairman of Queens Club

The Gym

“BarrettClark really are the experts in consumer executive search – I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.”

CEO The Gym Group


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“I would have no hesitation in recommending BarrettClark and working with them again for senior hires. They communicate extremely well and are real experts in the consumer sectors.” Harry Heeley, Managing Director - Ask Italian