Executive Coaching for Senior Candidates

Posted by BarrettClark Executive Search

December 22, 2017

BarrettClark are firmly committed to introducing the best candidates and enabling their success by ensuring they are well supported during their initial induction phase in a new role. We are keen to help our candidates identify any challenges and concerns early, helping them to manage those challenges proactively. This should result in a BarrettClark candidate settling into a new role more quickly, requiring less employer support and swiftly add value.

Our Unique Coaching Solution

To meet our objective we have developed a unique, added value service by teaming up with a specialist Coaching organization, Learnpurple. Candidates placed by BarrettClark on a salary exceeding £50,000 per annum will be offered a complimentary executive coaching programme for one month during the initial probationary period of their employment.

Delivery Of The Coaching

We have developed this exclusive solution with a leading coaching and training organization called, Learnpurple who help service organisations gain competitive advantage through their people and really know how to engage, develop and retain talent. Coaching is proven to be of benefit to tens of thousands of executives and senior managers. It is of particular benefit for someone in a new role as it provides an opportunity to:

  • Access confidential, third party support throughout the settling-in period in a safe environment
  • Reflect on areas that are of professional and personal significance
  • Gain insight into any potential challenges, managing these proactively
  • Clarify key objectives in all chosen areas
  • Clarify the ‘how to’ for achieving those objectives and commit to meeting them
  • Receive professional, objective feedback and have access to a ‘sounding board’

The coach is a highly trained professional in his or her field. Learnpurple coaches also have broad service industry knowledge or experience and this can significantly enhance and accelerate the process in terms of understanding the issues.

The coach’s role is to be an independent, objective and highly trained listener who has the skill to question appropriately. This enables the coachee to find his or her own answers and solutions. The coach provides a structured, systematic and focused approach that is tailored to the individual’s needs. All discussion is completely confidential which makes it safe to discuss important issues that may not otherwise come to the fore.