Preparing a Digital CV

Posted by Simon Clark

December 22, 2017

Presentation of a CV is extremely important and one of the most important documents you will write; it’s a description of your career achievements to date and a window to the 3D you! “It is your chance to sell yourself and, above all get that vital first interview” (James Caan founder of Alexander Mann Recruitment and Dragon on BBC’s Dragons’ Den about constructing a CV in his recent book Get The Job You Really Want). It can also help the interviewer asks the right questions to help unlock your next career step. Most CV’s contain the information an employer requires but often they are poorly presented with little thought given to how the CV will be received, by whom or with regard to their busy working day. Nowadays CV’s are transmitted digitally, by email, and are initially viewed on a desktop screen or handheld device.

Therefore a good “digital” CV should be formatted with screenshots in mind – for example when viewed from a 17” monitor only the first two thirds of a sheet of A4 is immediately visible, so it’s a bit pointless putting key information on screen two.

It is therefore important to format the CV with individual screen shots in mind and that first screen should contain as much background information as possible to switch on the busy receiver. Make it easy to read, easy to understand and easy to navigate, it should be laid out for easy view and not in tables or boxes.

Use the word Career and not Employment or work experience and show a Career history on screen shot one of all the relevant roles you have had this century. Read every word, make sure there are no mistakes and then send it to a friend for them to check it as well.