Things you did not know about Steve Winfield

Posted by BarrettClark Executive Search

December 22, 2017

What’s your role?


At BarrettClark since?

Started Monday 21st November 2011

What do you do?

Senior Chef appointments

What did you do before BarrettClark

Spent 20 years plus working as a chef in London, and then moved into recruitment in 2000.

What annoys you?


The car running on empty when my wife knows it has another 30 miles to go.

People with wheelie suitcases travelling through rush hour

Pubs that serve a poor pint of bitter

Who is your hero?

Hmmm good question. Would have to say Freddie Mercury as from a poor background became a top artist.

When you were a youngster, what was your ambition?

Wanted to be a top quality carpenter, but was advised by my school I would make a better chef

Any pearls of Wisdom?

Teach your children how to cook, and then there is always fresh cake in the house. Lovely !!!

One thing you didn’t know about Steve

Originally from Derby and regularly support the Rams