Things you did not know about Simon Clark

Posted by Simon Clark

November 10, 2017

What’s your role?

I am Managing Director of BarrettClark

At BarrettClark since?

I started the company in October 2001 so we are about to celebrate our 10th year – some people raised their eyebrows because it was just after 9/11 and the consequent market instability

What do you do?

Good question, I like to be busy!…..I have three accountabilities in the business. Firstly, I am a full time recruiter and I look after key clients delivering some interesting and unusual recruitment solutions. Secondly I am often out with members of the team meeting clients and looking at ways that we can add value. Finally there is a business to run so I work with our other Directors on things like marketing, website development, branding, banking….oiling the engine as it were!

What did you do before BarrettClark

Worked for two other recruitment companies….ran a Bar Restaurant, Operated three Hotels in France, ran the bars at the Cannes Film Festival, worked on a SuperYacht, worked for Mclaren at the German Grandprix….maybe I will stop there!

What annoys you? Mediocrity…poor service…mess!

Who is your hero? Margaret Thatcher

When you were a youngster, what was your ambition? To have my own business

Any pearls of Wisdom? If you don’t get what you want, want what you get!

One thing you didn’t know about Simon

Mmm I was a ski guide in Val d’Isere for a winter season. My office was the mountain!