True to your values? – Company Values are a critical part of developing a successful businesses but are they integral or are they paid lip service?

Posted by Simon Clark

January 2, 2018

In the modern corporate world we seem continually bombarded with “company values” or “corporate values” – but do organisations really make them an integral part of their business or just simply pay them lip service?

Within the hospitality sector, there are some great examples of client and supplier partnerships where these companies with shared values have teamed up to deliver a service – The Hoxton Hotel Group and Soho House for example. The Hoxton Group operates the “hotel” and Soho House provide the food and beverage – all with the same style and vibrancy. This great collaboration proves that if values are aligned they become a culture and the essential DNA of the organisation.

Many companies clearly identify their culture through values – and the values live and breathe in the business….published…on the office wall….as the guide for many business and strategic decisions….and enacted daily by employees. Living in those values as an employee is an enriching process and often the deciding factor for joining and thriving in a company.

Not only do companies choose business partnerships with shared values they also recruit talent with a keen focus on the values and cultural fit. I have conducted recruitment searches at executive level for nearly 20 years and one of the most important aspects of my interview process is assessing cultural fit. For me this involves aligning the values of the company I am recruiting for with those of the candidate. As well as a competency based interview I conduct a values based interview to ensure the “fit”. I regularly receive positive interview feedback…. “they really get us”, “they understand our story and our culture”.

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