A visit to Hix Oyster & Fish Restaurant

27 July 2015 - 8:23am

On a fine evening last week while enjoying some leave, I visited Hix Oyster & Fish Restaurant in Lyme Regis. Mark Hix set up Restaurants Etc after 17 years as Chef Director of Caprice Holdings and now has an empire of 5 highly regarded venues. His Dorset restaurant is set on the Jurassic coast and boasts one of the best panoramic views available from any restaurant in the UK.

It was a little choppy outside which wasn’t a problem as we had already requested a table inside having booked in person earlier in the day whilst out on a stroll. Although they have a fantastic decked balcony over looking the harbour all inside tables have a great view and the lay out gives guests a feel of satisfaction wherever you land.

Presumably the host was the Manager of the restaurant as he had slightly different attire to his colleagues and he projected a calm authority. The service was exceptional with real attention to detail. During the two hours that we spent in the restaurant, we were served by three different members of staff – each and everyone making us feel extremely welcome. It was seamless from start to finish, a professional and tidy approach with some great personal engagement.

The Menu was concise with 9 mains to choose from, we opted for shared Moules to start which were drowned in a Perry sauce. My chaperone isn’t big on fish however after a morning spent catching some local mackerel, gutting and baking them she indulged in some of Hix’s finest and we both agreed they were superb. The mussles were plump, cooked to perfection and the freshly baked bread gave us a chance to mop up the tasty broth. We boringly both went for the fish pie main and it had more rustic taste less adventure with a good portion of white fish, creamy sauce and gratin topping. With no room left for desserts we polished off the rather adoring Prosecco, “why drink Champagne” would be the question I would ask after? It really made the whole experience and connected the dots.

The view and location are a clear draw, the team made us feel wanted, the food wholesome and tasty and the price very reasonable. It came in just shy of £40 per head but almost half of this was for our one bottle of bubbly, the bursting flavours meant we took our time to savour the experience!

Keith Floyd had his last meal at Hix prior to gastro heaven in the sky, I can only hope I go the same way when my time comes!!!

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