An insight into Street food & Pop-ups:

24 July 2015 - 15:16pm

Fashonista fad, welcome sight or a thing of the past?

In conjunction with Big Hospitality’s latest article on Burger joints in London, it was highlighted, at the recent Restaurant Show, by Richard Johnson; founder of the British Street Food Awards, that the popularity of street food and burger joints could lead to “unsustainable growth” in the market and a loss of the origins of the concept…

I find it ironic that the founder of an award for street food is now saying that too many entrepreneurs are “jumping on the bandwagon” and following popular eating trends… Why create an award in the first place if it’s not going to increase competition and inspire people to open their own sites with the idea that they can do the same style of food only better?

I think we can all understand the origins of street food and market stalls, the original burger and chips… Are we really losing sight of where they come from or just moving with the times and becoming economically savvy? With London rental prices for restaurants skyrocketing (investigate the hefty premiums for A3 restaurant units in high footfall areas), there has, in the last 12 months, been an increasing trend for many businesses to move to the cheaper class A1 units. Furthermore; the pop-up is becoming even more popular as one can set up shop during peak seasons, make a killing and not have to foot a huge rental bill for those periods when trade is low!

With so many businesses going bust, closing down and ceasing to trade, what other options do entrepreneurs have these days but to move with the times and try and make some money where they can. What are your thoughts?

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