Executive Search - the changing landscape of the Hotel Industry

27 July 2015 - 8:46am

We are a Partnership (the John Lewis of recruitment) and a team of highly experienced recruiters who have all been operators in various service industries. We see things differently….

As an ex-hotel GM operator responsible for a multi-million pound business I have a unique insight into the challenges of each job role - it enables me to translate this insight into high level advice.

Back then…

Recruiting in the Hotel industry has changed considerably over the last 20 years – back then a typical senior level recruitment process was usually just two stages. Get through HR (or Personnel back in the day) and the candidate was put in front of an intimidating operator……impress the operator and the job was yours.


The structures and ownership of many hotel groups has changed. Many are now “asset light” and focus solely on the management (rather than ownership) of hotels. Asset Managers, Banks, Venture Capitalist and Private Equity firms are all now involved.

How does this affect senior candidates…

The new hotel owners or management companies want us to identify candidates who have evolved. They are not just good operators, they are now polished communicators, astute business people and talented stakeholder managers. The business of hotels is even more sophisticated. Leaders are expected to deliver on financial objectives, understand the long term strategy of the owners and deliver a memorable customer experience.

Investors are putting candidates through a rigorous recruitment process that can feasibly include up to six different stages, comprising of a selection of behavioural interviews through to presentations and testing. Each stage is a first round interview and not a rubber stamp meeting.

For information on making an executive career move in the hotel sector or more of an insight into the changing landscape of senior recruitment then do contact me: mike.cooper@barrettclark.com or follow me: @MikeCooper65

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