Flat Iron Steak, Soho – Restaurant Review

Posted By Martin Jones

27 July 2015 - 7:45am

I visited Flat Iron Steak last Saturday for a relaxed afternoon with some friends because everyone was fancying a nice steak! Well we certainly couldn’t have chosen a more apt restaurant given the name.

It’s a relatively small, 60 seater restaurant that is split over two floors and has a warm, cosy feel to it. Customers share tables that seat 6 and although we shared our table with a couple we did not know, it did not feel intrusive and actually adds to the experience giving the restaurant a very sociable feel as you interact with other diners.

The menu is simple; they serve one cut of steak with a few side salads, spinach and beef dripping chips along with several choices of sauces including special sauce........ The menu on offer works particularly well if you are tired of dining with indecisive individuals as it’s pretty much steak and chips all round with only the sides and sauce to ponder upon.

I made the school boy error of ordering my steak medium-well while my friends went for medium-rare, this was recommended by the waitress and on reflection with a flat iron steak (which is relatively thin) makes a lot more sense. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the steak it was beautifully presented on a warm slate (see attached picture) and was full of flavour. Also to add to the experience instead of knifes we were given mini meat cleavers to eat with which was a welcomed novelty and again added to the uniqueness of the dining experience. The chips were beautifully cooked and almost akin to slices of roast potato. The sauces (which we ordered one of each, including the special) were all excellent and complemented the steak beautifully in their own different ways.

They have a lovely selection of locally brewed beers as well as some delicious wines on offer. The service was impeccable, our waitresses product knowledge was excellent and she made us feel extremely welcome.

If I you fancy a steak while out and about in the west end I can’t recommend Flat Iron Steak highly enough. I will definitely be back next time I am in the area and next time I may be tempted to take on two of their legendary flat iron steaks.

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