HR Professionals at the CIPD Recruitment Conference 2015 focused on the demand for talent as the economy grows.

Posted By Martin Jones

27 July 2015 - 9:26am

As a result HR professionals are having to become increasingly resourceful in the way that they approach the recruitment function. The Conference gave practical advice and real case studies from organisations that have successfully developed and applied strategies to attract and retain talent in a fast growing economy.

The conference was chaired by Dr Jill Miller – Research Advisor, CIPD and there was an excellent line up of speakers.

The John Lewis Partnership – Carole Donaldson, Manager of Resourcing Strategy Planning & Development presented to the conference on how she had overhauled the group recruitment function by redesigning their website. It now plays an important part in candidate attraction combined with the selection process for the bulk of their recruitment. They designed a bespoke psychometric testing process for each candidate application which acts as a very effective filter at a preliminary stage in the selection process. The changes have led to the appointment of 22,000 people 12 months providing a saving of 14,000 hours of application screening time and 12,000 hours of interview time which has reduced cost per hire as well as providing a far slicker candidate experience.

Thales – Jason West, Head of Resourcing & HR Transformation presented a transformation project that completely revolutionised their businesses recruitment strategy and function. The project took over six years and 28 separate programmes of change to complete. The business transformed from a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model to a sophisticated internal recruitment team which is currently filling over 95% of all of their vacancies. The results are impressive - they have saved the business over £30 million in recruitment costs, reduced their time to hire from 94 to 32 days and 2 year attrition rate from 25% to 6%.

National Health Service (NHS) they talked through how they have brought in focus on value based assessment of candidates as well as competency assessment to ensure that they are bringing individuals into the organisation that share their values and thus fit with the organisational culture that exists. Some of the benefits of this have been a reduction in recruitment costs as well as a reduction in employee turnover from 17% to <10%.

Other presentations included:

Insights into the Latest UK Recruitment Trends and Immigration Policies

Gerwyn Davies – Public Policy Advisor, CIPD

Ian Robinson – Senior Manager Government affairs, Fragomen LLP Immigration Law

Centralising Resourcing as a Key Strand of Transformational Change

Carole Donaldson – Resourcing Manager, John Lewis

Peter Burnham – Director, Burnham Business Psychology

Building an Integrated Resourcing Model to get the Right People in the Right Place and Time

Jason West – Programme Director – International HR Shared Services

The Blurring Boundaries of Personal and Professional Life, Assessing Candidates On-Line Presence – Panel Discussion

Mike Emmott – Employee Relations, CIPD

Jane-Emma Peerless – Director of People, Caxton FX

Steve Huxham – EMEA Recruitment Lead Business Partner, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Ian Gooden – CEO, Chiumento

Balancing Competencies with Values and Organisational Fit when Recruiting

Lydia Larcum - Senior HR Lead, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Carloine Waterfield – Assistant Director Employment Services, NHS Employers

Hiring for the Best in a Changing Environment and as a Fast Growing Business

Jane-Emma Peerless – Director of People, Caxton FX

An informative and interesting conference and if you would like to any further insight then please tweet me @MartinJones_BC using the hashtag #CIPDConference2015

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