Introducing Skiplex – The first indoor ski simulator training centre in the UK

Posted By Dewi Jones

24 July 2015 - 15:14pm

Skiplex is an indoor ski simulator training centre with a continually revolving ski slope with adjustable gradient that replicates a real piste. Skiplex is all about learning to ski, improving your technique and for experts, maintaining those all-important ski muscles by constant repetition and practice. They have a viewing gallery for non skiers and a mirror to help skiers & snowboarders work on their style and technique.

Skiplex has a vision to become the largest chain of indoor ski centres across the UK. You will find over 100 similar slopes in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Greece and Ireland, so Skiplex has good heritage.

The first Skiplex is now open at Dukes Meadows Golf & Tennis in Chiswick, SW London.

They aim to offer the highest possible service to their guests:

• Learn 8 times faster on a Skiplex than on real snow, so you can arrive in resort ready to go.
• The never-ending slope offers much more skiing as there are no lifts.
• The best instruction is delivered by the carefully chosen team of qualified instructors.
• You are able to ski or snowboard on any day of the week.

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