Mobile Phone Courtesy - What’s your View?

27 July 2015 - 8:21am

Mobile Phone Courtesy - What’s your View?

The world continues to evolve and there is no doubt about it our busy lives are geared around the endless list of mobile devices we can use to communicate with each other. Long gone are the days of picking up messages and emails when you return to the office.

Recently we had in the news the lady in a Catford supermarket who was refused service until she hung up her mobile call. What ever your opinion it opens an interesting topic of was it Right or Wrong? At the risk of sounding like a grumpy man it does raise the debate when is it acceptable to use mobile devices?

Here at Barrettclark we would not be able to operate so effectively without the use of our mobiles. We embrace them to not only make our lives easier but also to offer the most efficient service to both our clients and candidates.

In my opinion the lady on the phone was in the wrong to be expected to be severed at the checkout. This story however did make me think of some of the similar bug bears we come across daily here at Barrettclark, so I thought I would highlight a few below.

1) If you change your mind - Is it acceptable to use text or email as a means to pull out of an interview? In our opinion it is not acceptable. We appreciate circumstances change and having to give bad news is never easy however please do pick up the phone and let us know. It helps us maintain good relationships on both sides.

2) The process- Effective and successful recruitment is down to open communication and personally it cannot be done without talking on the phone. Email is great for a paper trail but it is not really ideal for feedback and resolving client and candidate questions. As consultants we need the opportunity to talk things through to understand the depth of feeling and emotion in what is a very important process.

3) Switch it Off- When attending any meeting switch off your mobile. Similar to the Catford supermarket incident it amazes me how occasionally a person feels it is acceptable to take a call or let their phone ring whilst conducting an interview.

What’s your opinion?

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