Nearly half of young adults would not consider hospitality as a career

Posted By Heather Stanley

24 July 2015 - 14:59pm

Nearly half of young people would not consider a career in hospitality, according to new research by online booking agency Livebookings.

It found that 43% of 1,000 young adults (16-24yrs) questioned nationally would not consider a career in hospitality, while nearly a third (29%) said the industry wasn’t forward-looking enough.

Meanwhile, one in five said they thought it wouldn’t use their technology skills and knowledge of the internet and social media. A third felt their skills would be better suited to an office environment with “modern technology”.

The research also found that young adults in the North of England were more willing to consider hospitality and leisure jobs than those in the South, despite the South having so many tourism and hospitality businesses. Of every ten young adults asked, six in Northern England would consider a hospitality job, compared to only five in Southern regions.

Colin Tenwick, chief executive of Livebookings said:”The relevance of technology in a hospitality role isn’t instantly clear to the generation of young adults now entering the workplace, who have grown up with the internet and almost all own smartphones. But in fact, the majority of restaurants, bars and hotels have a clear commitment to marketing themselves online, and responding to changing consumer behaviour by taking internet and mobile bookings.”

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