Review of Dane's Yard

24 July 2015 - 15:05pm

I was recently fortunate enough to be invited to attended the launch party of a brand new restaurant in East London called Danes Yard. For those not in the know, it is a new venture by Grayson’s Restaurants. The opening was a chance for local businesses and clients to sample the delights of Dane’s Yard, and for Grayson’s to show off this modern eatery to the local community. It is located away from the branded high street restaurants in Westfield Stratford, in a more unique and secluded area just on Sugar House Lane. The restaurant is based in a converted ink factory and provides a polished warehouse feel, despite dating back to 1898. The decor is fun with industrial pendant lampshades hung from high ceilings, the open gallery kitchen lets you really see and smell what’s going on, and a trendy sophisticated bar completes the look.

Now the Olympics are over, this area is the latest part of the Stratford redevelopment and is intended to create a new, vibrant place for residents to work and play. Coupled with the arrival of Westfield and the redevelopment of the Olympic Park, Grayson’s believe it is a great place to develop a new flagship restaurant. They envisage playing a key role in the local community and have developed a relaxed, comfortable yet exciting environment. This is particularly well highlighted by their spectacular outdoor space where you can sit by the canal, whilst admiring the stunning Strand East Tower.

The menu has been developed by Head Chef Khalid Dahbi and is based around British food…..but with a twist. Khalid has a keen eye and passion for only the freshest, well sourced and sustainable produce. He is keen to offer a delightful dining experience at an affordable price. Yes, Khalid is a chef who is very serious about his food, but he also likes to make dining out fun and memorable……..somewhere you would wish to return to time and again.

Based on my positive experience, I really hope Dane’s Yard achieves the success it deserves and would encourage both locals and visitors to the Stratford area to visit a once derelict factory that is once again becoming the centre of its community.

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