Review of Top Golf

27 July 2015 - 8:05am

On a very rainy Saturday evening I visited the innovative Entertainment Complex known as TopGolf which is the current talk of the Leisure world. Located in rural Addlestone, close to Weybridge it has a great catchment area and appeals to the local community as well as individuals prepared to travel for a great leisure experience.

TopGolf has arrived in the UK as an Atlantic export from the States where it has proved to be a real success. The Surrey based venue is one of three UK operations, the other two are in Chigwell & Watford. The business incorporates a diverse leisure mix, including Health Club, Cue Sports, Bar / Diner with, Sky Sports, 9 Hole Golf Course & 30 TopGolf ranges.

TopGolf is a hybrid game which could most easily be described as a mix between Golf, Tenpin Bowling & Darts. The golf element supplies you with 8 clubs including Drivers, Woods, Irons and Balls which have a microchip inside. Once you have set the ball up in much the same as a traditional driving range you pick your club and aim at a pin which unlike a normal range has a circumference of scoring boxes similar to a darts board. The closer your shot lands to the pin the higher the points tally. There is a monitor screen where you get to pick the type of game you play, this also adds up your total score where the competitive element is introduced.

It is both a unique and unusual concept, which combined with the music in the background provides a fun environment with lots of people really enjoying themselves. The game is about fun and not taking golf too seriously. At a traditional driving range you would find the majority of users are solo players. TopGolf had a real mix of groups including families with the elderly, teenagers parties and more casual Golfers with their own clubs. Similar to Tenpin Bowling Centres it has been set up as an entertainment experience. There were people queuing to play and the registration process is very detailed. It was great that I was shown to my range and walked through “how to play” which was a bit of a “Wow” service factor you wouldn’t expect as the norm. My swing certainly did me no favours in achieving a poor score but neither did the strong winds. Afterwards I returned inside to the warmth of the clubhouse, although, had I wanted take advantage of the mobile waiters, each range has a button for on-call service.

The highlight of the visit was the Food, the 8oz Angus Burger was very well proportioned and was cooked perfectly, it also came with a large stack of chips. The bun was toasted and garnished with lettuce, beef tomato and large pickles giving it a healthier edge. The Eat, Drink, Play deal is excellent value for money and highly recommended. 18 rounds at Wentworth would be my perfect leisure pursuit, however for a more rounded Leisure experience that is brining Golf to the masses then TopGolf’s is an excellent alternative.

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