The Garden of Plenty

Posted By Martin Jones

24 July 2015 - 13:08pm

The popularity of the café, coffee shop and deli as a catering venue is plain to see on the nation’s High Streets as well as in shopping centres, stations and airports. It’s a concept that is also blossoming in hundreds of garden centres, as reported in

Garden centre catering in the UK is already worth nearly £1.4 billion and is forecast by Mintel to be worth £1.6bn by 2014. It generates a third of the sector’s £4.2bn in retail sales, makes it a highly significant revenue stream.

To put this performance into some sort of perspective, annual turnover in the UK contract catering market was £4.165bn in 2009, according to the last survey by the British Hospitality Association. In other words, only three times more.

And if you look at the wider catering market, which includes the contract figure plus restaurants, fast food, takeaways, pubs, clubs and hotels, then revenue was £33.84bn, according to the Market Review 2009 published by the company Research and Markets. That values the garden centre sector at 5% of total UK catering.

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