We enjoyed our meal @ “Dinner by Heston”

24 July 2015 - 14:13pm

A review of “Dinner by Heston” by Stefan Poulos
Christmas Eve 2011

Its not often one gets to dine at the table of a mad genius, but then, it’s not often one manages to get a table for Christmas with Heston Blumenthal! After pulling a few strings and a short trip into Knightsbridge myself and my partner headed to the Mandarin Oriental for an evening of delectable pleasure whilst indulging in food from the 1300’s.

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted and shown to our table; a modest and spacious booth with an amazing view of the restaurant and the theatre-style kitchen… which housed the “geniuses-in-training” behind thick double glazed glass!

With a little help we ordered our food and wine and began an experience not to be missed. Our starters arrived with complimentary glasses of Krug. The meat fruit was truly amazing; the highlight of our starters, with the rice flesh coming a close second; a dish which you either love or hate and it was difficult not to lean towards the former.

The arrival of our mains heralded the continuation of our adventure; we settled on the rib-eye and the black pork chop which were both an experience worth having, but the sides of the triple fried chips and mash – 100gms of butter per potato – only solidified our happiness! Accompanied by sommelier-suggested bottle of wine and we were not disappointed.

At this point we were truly stuffed, but, in the interests of market research, we soldiered on through to dessert, eagerly anticipating the tipsy tart and pineapple pudding with caraway seed biscuits… Having first arrived I remember being mesmerized by what appeared to be a spit-rack full of roasting pineapples in the kitchen; a chef constantly glazing the outside whilst it was slowly turning against the heat… The dessert was not quiet hat we expected, but then neither was any of the meal thus far; surprisingly enjoyable leaving you begging for more!

Overall the experience was blissful. Our waiters were attentive, polite and knowledgeable and the service was exceptional. Every dish on the menu has a history; some found on old scraps of parchment and recreated the man himself, some passed down through generations and others found on a scroll in an attic. Being thrust 700 years in the past is certainly a delightful experience… as long as your chef is as good as team in Dinner!

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is based in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LA. For reservations please call +44(0)20 7201 3833 or book online at www.dinnerbyheston.com

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