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Things you did not know about Dewi Jones

What’s your role? I am the Senior Partner at BarrettClark At BarrettClark since? I joined the company in January 2002 as their first employee. I was excited by the opportunity to play a key part in a young and dynamic organisation. What do you do? My responsibilities are broad across […]

Interview with Genevieve Glover, Executive Director HR for AEG Europe

Genevieve Glover, Executive Director HR for AEG Europe Who are you and what is your current job role? I am the Executive Director, HR for AEG Europe. My remit extends to HR and Training, Health & Safety, Occupational Health and CSR across the Group, which includes The O2. I am […]

Preparing a Digital CV

Presentation of a CV is extremely important and one of the most important documents you will write; it’s a description of your career achievements to date and a window to the 3D you! “It is your chance to sell yourself and, above all get that vital first interview” (James Caan […]

Things you did not know about Simon Clark

What’s your role? I am Managing Director of BarrettClark At BarrettClark since? I started the company in October 2001 so we are about to celebrate our 10th year – some people raised their eyebrows because it was just after 9/11 and the consequent market instability What do you do? Good […]

Movers & Shakers – We’ve noticed a few changes!

LESLEY COTTON has joined the divisional board and been appointed the Human Resources Director of P&O Ferries. Previously Lesley was Group HR Director of Paramount Restaurants and before that Group HR Director of Holmes Place. MARSHALL DALLAS has joined BMI Healthcare as Executive Director of their private hospital in Stirling. […]

What employers and recruiters look for in a CV

Your CV needs to hook its reader within seconds of them picking it up if you’re to stand any chance of progressing to the job interview stage. Recruiters and hiring managers can receive hundreds of applications for a role, and sometimes only have the time to scan CVs before deciding […]

Big Business is driving Customer Experience as the Engine of a Marketing Strategy

Marketing can trace its routes back to Edward Bernays who’s famous seminal piece Propagandacatapulted corporate marketing strategies into the spotlight. Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, recognised that group manipulation can create a desire or want for products that have no real necessity to a customer. He recognised this as a result […]