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AN ENJOYABLE TWIST on a strengths-based approach

Last week I took off my Managing Partner hat and put on racing gloves. I “crewed” on a racing yacht at Cowes Week… I have done this many times and can report it is both fun and hard graft! To set the scene – it’s an event for thousands of crew […]

Am I Good Enough?

Am I good enough? is an interesting question that rose to the surface during my day volunteering with Smart Works. Smart Works provides high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to women in need. They give women the confidence, the self-belief and the practical tools they require to succeed […]

Taking a Strengths-based approach

There was something missing from our internal employee review process….it was a bit wooden and we paid it lip service.  We have had the benefit of working behind the scenes with hundreds of companies whose Human Resources functions have invested significant sums in their annual review and engagement systems.  Reflecting […]

What drives high performance in the workplace?

What drives high performance in the workplace? What drives high performance at work? On 2nd January 2018 I introduced “Positive Choices for 2018” – both here on-line and to our team at BarrettClark Executive Search.  Since then we have been exploring Positive Psychology – the Science of Wellbeing – and […]

Positivity Is The Centre Around Which Success Orbits

Looking back on January……I can say that good choices and positivity has resulted in numerous successes at BarrettClark…. the year has started with a bounce…. a fizz….and a yelp of excitement. What has been most striking is the results in our business from the work we are doing around positive […]

The Good Old Days of Advertising

I am a bit old school and back in the day we used to spend hours scripting elegantly worded adverts, handing them to an advertising agency who would then create and publish in the Sunday Times Appointments section. A very satisfying and lavishly expensive exercise where we would try and […]

The History & Future Of British Television

Who knew that under a hundred years after the first public demonstration of television to members of the Royal Institution of John Logie Baird in 1926, we would now be able to create our own augmented reality in which we can become our very own television. Many would assume that […]

Positive choices for 2018

I’ve just got back from Australia.   Between London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Geelong and 5 days of The Ashes Test Match at the MCG in Melbourne I had some time to observe, read and mull over. I also met the inspirational Dr. Paige Williams, from the Centre of Positive Psychology at […]

Is the future unclear for the smaller Leisure Trust?

Is the future unclear for the smaller Leisure Trust? In my early career I worked in the world of outsourced leisure and for the last 17 years I have supported the industry with executive search services on senior and executive appointments.  My experience in working with a wide variety of […]