2019 – the year of Change & Transformation

Posted by Simon Clark

January 8, 2019

Change and Transformation is at the top of the agenda. In businesses, change is imagined in many ways and is driven by internal and or external forces and sometimes just by the simple need to grow. It’s digital, process, operational, organisational – and, importantly, change is easier to execute and sustain if everyone in an organisation supports the renewed direction. Change, Transformation and HR leadership is the focus of our new practice and I am delighted to welcome Alice Simpson to BarrettClark Executive Search. Alice has developed expertise specifically in working with clients to advise on the search for the people who lead, reinvent, enable, activate and sustain change programmes.

HR leadership remains a pivotal decision for a Board, CEO or Chair of an organisation and Alice will be working closely to advise our clients on the appointment of Chief People Officers and HR Directors. Alice has a strength in building long-lasting and meaningful relationships and will relish the opportunity to support clients who naturally become candidates on their own career aspirations.

We are excited to be working with Alice and I look forward to introducing her to my many client relationships developed over 20 years in search. She can be contacted directly through alice.simpson@barrettclark.com

Harvard Business Review – The Secret To Leading Organizational Change Is Empathy by Patti Sanchez Dec 20 2018

“I’m working with a CEO who’s in the midst of rethinking her company’s strategy, so it can better meet customer demands and thrive financially. These are major changes that will affect every aspect of how the firm operates — from the services it offers to the structure of her organization.

When I sat down with the CEO and her executive team to think through their communication plan, I asked not about the change itself, but about how her employees might feel about what’s ahead. We started with her team because, in my work as a communication consultant, I’ve observed the same thing time and time again:  how information is communicated to employees during a change matters more than what information is communicated. A lack of audience empathy when conveying news about an organizational transformation can cause it to fail”