The Good Old Days of Advertising

Posted by Simon Clark

February 2, 2018

I am a bit old school and back in the day we used to spend hours scripting elegantly worded adverts, handing them to an advertising agency who would then create and publish in the Sunday Times Appointments section. A very satisfying and lavishly expensive exercise where we would try and pass on the cost to our client. And then on Sunday we would rush to the news agent (or in my case the petrol station at the end of the road) and purchase several copies of the Sunday Times to proudly view our advert over coffee. Sometimes….but rarely….there would be a mistake or typo and we would have to run an investigation into the expensive error and try and blame the ad agency or the Sunday Times so we could re-run the advert a second week free of charge! Oh the old days…..marvellous

So, today, in honour of the good old days, I arrived at work, made a very strong coffee and set about writing an elegant advert. I may well have lost my touch but I have scripted one for an IT Director assignment we are working on. I thought this might be fun….one might not think that IT Direction is terribly exciting, however this company is in need of someone useful….innovative….experienced….to make a difference to their business – but more importantly to improve services on the front line. They happen to be in healthcare so every advance or innovation can be tracked to providing better and more personal care to their customers/patients/residents.

I think its very satisfying to represent a company who have a purpose, one that cares and is doing a great job. So I thought I would write it up. While we are, of course, working with our research team to discretely headhunt the best talent out there, I thought the old school advert might bring this wonderful opportunity to the IT community using their medium….at the merest touch of a button….

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