Great leadership makes business better

Posted by Simon Clark

April 10, 2019

Ewa Kerin, Managing Director, HSBC, Global Head of Strategic Planning & Analysis, joins the Smart Works Board as Honorary Treasurer.

Attracting the attention of leaders with impact in global financial roles could be a challenge at any time and particularly at year end. Not so with Ewa Kerin who was instantly engaged with the opportunity to bring her considerable skills and experience to Smart Works at such an important and exciting time in its evolution.

She said, “Lee Williams made contact during my busiest period at work and was incredibly understanding and flexible about the whole process…he had obviously undertaken a significant amount of research to make sure that the role was the right fit for Smart Works and for myself – it was so refreshing to talk in very specific terms”.

It was such a pleasure for us to work with Ewa who also said “I felt totally prepared and valued. Above all, Lee was incredibly supportive and encouraging and would often reinforce the positives that made me focus on what I could bring to the role. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Lee again or to recommend BarrettClark Executive Search in the highest terms.”

Profile, Ewa Kerin

Ewa started her career as a Mathematics teacher in Gloucestershire, teaching children between 11-18 years of age. She then also trained as an accountant and moved to work in London as a Financial Controller with JP Morgan. Over the past 25 years or so, she has worked in a variety of finance roles at JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Willis Towers Watson and HSBC. She is currently the Global Head of Strategic Planning and Analysis for HSBC, managing teams in over 60 countries worldwide. During her time in the City, Ewa has championed and led a number of initiatives aimed at progressing female development in the corporate workplace.

Why did you first become a Trustee of Smart Works?

I wanted to work with a team that all shared the same passion for helping women be successful and feel good about themselves, so am incredibly fortunate to have joined the committed and talented team that is Smart Works.

What is your proudest Smart Works moment?

Being asked to become Treasurer at such an important and exciting time in Smart Work’s evolution. Every time someone asks me what Smart Works do, I am incredibly proud to say that I am part of a team that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

Who is the female role model who has most inspired you?

It’s tricky to pick just one as there are a number of role models that I admire and continually take inspiration from. However, one remarkable woman in particular embodies many of the values and behaviours that I particularly admire – Marie Curie Sklodowska. An incredible woman who is best known for her pioneering research on radioactivity but also someone who never lost of her sense of Polish identity and overcame unimaginable barriers to make a remarkable contribution to people’s lives. Marie Curie was known for her hard work, honesty, humility and bravery in never ceasing to do the right thing, no matter how great the risks. I challenge anyone to read Marie’s biography and not be inspired.