Great things happen when we work together….

Posted by Simon Clark

March 27, 2019

Like many companies, we got around a table a few years ago and, as a team, we worked through the process of choosing our Values. We chose…

They are all important to us – the “value” that pings up for us on a daily basis is Collaboration…. it’s how we work as a team, its how our client relationships work best and its how we get great results in the assignments we manage.

Collaboration….is the process of two or more people or organisations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. According to The Institute for Collaborative Working…

  • Companies that build formal collaborations with their partners boost their business performance.
  • In collaborative working there are four top personality attributes that characterise the most effective individuals. They are
  1. Strategically minded – good collaborators think of the wider picture
  2. Good communicator – seeing it as a two-way process
  3. Open to sharing – they don’t have preconceived ideas and open to new suggestions
  4. Team orientation – effective collaborators work with other people and find out what they think

On the subject of Collaboration, it’s an exciting year for our charity, Smart Works, with the announcement of a new Royal Patron, HRH The Duchess of Sussex. Her patronage will inspire women and help them reach for the stars. Earlier this year we collaborated with Smart Works and supported them in the search for a Board role, Treasurer and Trustee. From an extensive process they chose Ewa Kerin, Global Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, HSBC.

“In the decade or so I have been a charity worker, many corporates have offered pro bono services. Some of these services are extremely helpful…. what we have never experienced is a company that saw a specific need and made the decision to use their expertise and time to help (without being asked), gifting Smart Works a star quality head hunting service to find a treasurer. A service that went from start to a wonderful finish……That Barrett Clark already offer interview coaching to our clients meant you understood our mission and how we deliver our service. Thank you, Simon, for finding us the treasurer of dreams. Smart Works salutes you.” Lady Hughes-Hallett, Founder, Smart Works

Collaboration makes a real difference.