Strengths in Action and Outperformance Realised

Posted by Simon Clark

September 2, 2019

Last week I worked as a volunteer for SailGP as the event rolled into the UK on its global tour as the formula one of sailing. The racing takes place at some of the world’s most iconic city waterfronts where athletes from rival nations race head to head on wingsailed catamarans at speeds of over 60mph.

The organisers describe is as “outperformance realised”

The day before the event I was lucky enough to be at the SailGP HQ in Southampton where the teams were preparing the boats and was able to spend some time with the Great Britain SailGP Team. I saw the sheer hard work that was going in behind the scenes. On reflection, it was leadership, strengths, hope, positive mindset, team collaboration, focus, optimism….among other qualities that were all concentrated on the one goal of getting that boat and that team around the racecourse and over the finish line first. 

I was once again struck by the parallels of sailing with business. Sailing is where individual strengths and skills are allocated around a boat and come alive via training, hard work and communication.

  • Team members are selected for their skills and strengths
  • The goal is clearly depicted creating a hope-filled vision
  • People are deployed into roles where they can achieve best performance
  • Performance is not enough. Outperformance is the constant focus

The crew (team) work closely together to get their vehicle (product or service) in the best shape…. help each other and look down the track to mitigate surprises and work together on achieving the objective.

There are opportunities for derailment along the way…

External forces can derail the plan and the best teams are prepared to bounce back. The SailGP USA team went over in race one and were “righted” and back at the start line for race two and three.

Success is no accident, it’s the result of hard work